Rare opportunity! Benefit for your family!!

Fantastic Benefits Available! Special Campaign!
If you are a BCTA member, you have the opportunity to sign up for disability and/or life insurance through CTA endorsed The Standard. If you sign up between now & May 15th, you don’t need to take a health exam to qualify. You can enroll for the first time or update your coverage.
You received a packet through the mail to sign up online or come out to our meeting on Thursday to ask questions of our rep & enjoy delicious pizza!
RSVP & meeting address will arrive in your work email shortly.


2015-16 prop 30 payment to BCOE is $918,819 we CANNOT AFFORD to lose this funding Every Single Year. This is an annual allotment from the income tax on the top 2% of earners that was voted in by the people in 2012. This funding will end this year if we can’t get an extension on the ballot.
• The Children’s Education and Health Care Protection Act temporarily extends the income tax rates on the wealthiest Californians and only affects the top 2% of earners in the state. The tax increases will automatically expire after 12 years.
We need every signature to get this on the ballot. I will bring you a signature form, I will pick it up, I will thank you profusely, but I need your signature. Email my personal email about this Outside Working Hours and I will get it to you or you may stop by my house & sign.
We have won increases every year for the last four years despite being flat funded. We are still among the lowest paid in the area, if you value your program, you need to sign this. I look forward to hearing from you.
The drop dead deadline is April 14, but I hope to get as many signatures as possible by Monday afternoon. In Solidarity, Rachel
For those outside Butte County, you can go to your local CTA office & sign there. Thank you for your patience with the inconvenience of being far away.

Read Across Chico is almost here!

Sunday, February 28th from 10 to 1 will be our community event at the Vallombrosia CARD Center. It have been a great success and we are excited to be rolling into our 3rd year. Check out the Chico Reads Across America facebook for photos and information about our great experience last year. Mark your calendar to join us that day to read, draw, paint faces, hand out books, serve food, dance at the book walk…. Contact Rachel to sign up or for fliers to distribute at school and in the community! This is a great gift to the community of Butte County that we provide completely free to all who come! Spread the word, this is one of our favorite days of the year!!!

Celebrate Pi Day! Bonus: Periodic Table!

How many digits can you recite?  Enjoy this song about the challenge faced by someone who has vowed to recite pi.

Explore amazing pi here!  Find resources for celebrating pi in your classroom!


The anniversary of the day in 1869 the periodic table was presented by Mendeleev to the Russian Physiochemical Society just passed on March 6th.  Have a listen to this song and raise a slice of pizza (enjoy the line “add some gold and silver for some pizza place class”) to celebrate a wondrous and inspiring bit of work made possible by curiosity and persistence.  Qualities we encourage in our students every day!

Call to Action: Today and Wednesday

Meet at Trinity Hall at Chico State from noon to 1 pm today to show support for Chico State Classified staff.  See you there!
Many of us work on Chico Unified campuses with Chico Unified staff.  We have children at Chico Unified schools and have gone through those schools ourselves, sometimes generations of our families have connections to these schools and teachers.
Our CUSD brothers and sisters are in the thick of it, as so many of us in Public Education are.  We are all fighting for the kids, the schools and the profession.  This Wednesday, February 18th show up at the Chico City Council chambers from 5:30 to 7:00 pm in solidarity with these folks who are protecting and educating our children.

The Fate of Classroom Supply Tax Credits

Teachers provide an endless stream of supplies for their students, spending an average of $1,500 a year from our own pockets.  We provide shoes & jackets for kids who may not have them; pencils, paper and field trips for enrichment; and nutritious snacks to make sure all of the children have full bellies so they can focus on their work.

Until recently, teachers could claim a small amount of these expenditures as work expense deductions similar to the uniform/clothing deduction. This was a deduction, not a tax credit, so it would reduce your tax liability without contributing to any refund you may be due.  This “Ask Dow Jones” column addresses the potential fate of that piece of tax code.