10 Things Your Health Insurance Won’t Tell You

The Sunday Wall Street Journal publishes a weekly list of “Ten Things ____ Won’t Tell You” in the Sunday business section of affiliated papers around the US.  It can be interesting and a bit of fluff as well.  This week they chose to focus on health insurance.  Given the changes in Butte County benefits in the last couple of years, it is worth a read if only for some background and a little perspective about where we fall in the current climate.  This is a link to the original content on the Market Watch website. It is a slideshow, obnoxious to navigate, but worth clicking through the pages for the information.  Happy reading!


Catastrophic Leave Committee

BCOE is revising the Catastrophic Leave Donation procedures for all employees.  Catastrophic Leave Donation is addressed in California Education Code (the laws that regulate education in California), but districts have some flexibility in the details of how this leave is calculated and distributed.  A committee has been formed with members from all of the BCOE bargaining units to look at our current procedures and suggest changes.  Tim McCracken is representing the interests of BCTA in this discussion.

If you would like to share your thoughts, please contact Tim McCracken

Limited-time Opportunity for Newly Hired CTA Members


Did you know that as a public school teacher, you aren’t eligible for state disability?  If you are injured, sick or pregnant, you aren’t covered unless you purchase protection.  You have many options when choosing providers, one option is The Standard.

Within 120 days of your employment start date, you have a special opportunity to get Disability & Life Insurance, plus life coverage for the whole family. Act now to get the protection you deserve from CTA’s-endorsed provider, The Standard.

learn more about these benefits


Employee Assistance Plan: No Cost Life Support

Many of us are caring for elders and children and forgetting to care for ourselves.  Navigating the maze of legal, financial and personal issues can feel like going down the rabbit hole.  Our JPA offers the Employee Assistance Plan to help work through an array of life events.  This benefit is available to everyone in your household, 24 hours a day, at no cost to you and is completely confidential.

The EAP website (registration and login info at the EAP link below) offers articles, self-assessment tools and interactive child and elder care locating tools.  All members of your household are also eligible to be referred to local licensed counselors for up to four visits, at no cost to you.

Please take a moment to read about accessing the full range of benefits offered by your Employee Assistance Plan.

BCTA and the JPA

BCTA has 1 member who has been nominated by the BCTA President to maintain contact with and represent Association interests in the current JPA (Joint Powers Authority) Butte Schools Self-Funded Program. This member is responsible for reporting to the BCTA Executive Board and BCTA Representative Council any news related to health benefits and the BSSP. This member attends JPA meetings but is there only to represent BCTA, as he is not a voting member.

This is an opportunity that BCTA has chosen to take, out of an understanding that the health benefits offered our members are an important part of our compensation and health benefits are subject to many outside pressures.  BCTA feels that having access to the most up to date information and having an opportunity to contribute to the discussion is a worthwhile use of our time.

New information will be shared here on the BCTA blog as it comes available.

If you would like to learn more about the Butte Schools Self-Funded Program, click here.