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Join us!

Your BCTA leadership team will be participating in a phone bank for the November election at the Chico CTA office on Wednesday, October 17th from 5 to 8 PM.  Your help is critically needed.  Please join in and help protect education!

Prop 30 (YES!) and prop 32 (NO!) are not conservative or liberal issues, they are education issues.

Prop 30 will help prevent $6 Billion in cuts to public education.

Prop. 32 will allow the people who spend most of their days with students in educational settings to continue to have input into issues like class size/caseload, curriculum, days of instruction, testing and assessment of students, grade level standards, textbooks, and on, and on…  These are issues that are legislated at the state level, CTA uses political funds to lobby on the behalf of educators in California about the issues we know are important.

If you would like to participate in the election activities, please use personal email to contact Rachel Frank.  Rachel’s personal email address can be found when members log on the the CTA website, in the orange “My CTA” box.  You do not need to commit to the entire three hour shift.  If you live outside Butte County, contact us to connect you with volunteer opportunities in you area.  Food and refreshments will be provided by the Service Center.

Thank you!

Visual Art & Essay Competition for your students!

The Cesar E Chavez Memorial Education Arts Awards Program is designed to provide recognition for students and their teachers who demonstrate an understanding of the vision and guiding principals by which Cesar E Chavez lived his life.  The Awards program will honor the memory of this great man and ensure that the spirit of his work continues in the classrooms of California.

This opportunity is for students of any age from Pre-K through college undergrad who demonstrates interest in the principals of Cesar E Chavez’s legacy:

Principals of non-violence
Self determination through unionization (forming and joining unions)
Social justice for farm workers
Safe food/health/ environmental issues
Human and civil rights issues
Teamwork, cooperation, collaboration, service to others
Empowerment of the disenfranchised
Innovation and education

You may sponsor the visual art or essay of up to 3 students at the school where you work.  Winning entries will receive recognition and up to $550 for both students and CTA members.  This award is supported through voluntary contributions to the CTA Foundation for teaching and learning.  Deadlline: December 7, 2012

You may find entry forms at the Foundation for Teaching and Learning section of the CTA website, or by contacting Rachel Frank.