CTA President Dean Vogel quotes CTA founder John Swett

Dean Vogel speaks on the similarities between priorities of our founder, John Swett, and the work we are doing today in this one minute video clip from the statewide Presidents Conference.

Celebrate 150 years of CTA!


Labor Fest in San Francisco

The month of July is dedicated to LaborFest in San Francisco.  There are films, plays, art shows and talks.  There are fascinating boat and walking tours of labor history and the architecture of the Bay Area.  There will be music!  Friday, July 26th the Rockin’ Solidarity Chorus will be performing the Great Migration and Motown.  If you are in the area before July 31st this link will take you to the schedule and website for LaborFest.

Hope you can make it!

Some history from the LaborFest website:

“LaborFest was established in 1994 to institutionalize the history and culture of working people in an annual labor cultural, film and arts festival. It begins every July 5th, which is the anniversary of the 1934 “Bloody Thursday” event. On that day, two workers Howard Sperry and Nick Bordoise were shot and killed in San Francisco. They were supporting the longshoremen and maritime workers strike. This incident brought about the San Francisco General Strike which shut down the entire city and led to hundreds of thousands of workers joining the trade union movement.”


General Meeting

Thank you to those who attended the BCTA general meeting in Oroville on June 27th!  We were able to have a productive conversation about the state of the budget.  Members had an opportunity to share some general concerns and questions about the workplace.  We hope to see you all at the next meeting!