Rare opportunity! Benefit for your family!!

Fantastic Benefits Available! Special Campaign!
If you are a BCTA member, you have the opportunity to sign up for disability and/or life insurance through CTA endorsed The Standard. If you sign up between now & May 15th, you don’t need to take a health exam to qualify. You can enroll for the first time or update your coverage.
You received a packet through the mail to sign up online or come out to our meeting on Thursday to ask questions of our rep & enjoy delicious pizza!
RSVP & meeting address will arrive in your work email shortly.

2 thoughts on “Rare opportunity! Benefit for your family!!

  1. Can someone clarify for me if one is able to have more than one disability plan, or more than one life insurance plan? Or, are we limited to one of each? Thanks.

    • My packet arrived in the mail on Saturday, yours may or may not have arrived yet. There is contact info for the people at the Standard there & on the flier attached to an email I sent to your work address. I would hate to give inaccurate information based on my own experiences, if you contact them, they can give a better answer. -Rachel

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