Look for mail soon!

The BCTA bargaining survey will be mailed Monday, August 26th. Please fill out as much or as little as you like and mail it back. The bargaining team takes your responses seriously and the questions have been developed to address both specific bargaining issues and issues that are of concern to each of you personally.

There will also be an Announcement of Election form in the envelope. BCTA elections will be held from September through October this year. There will be an opportunity to nominate yourself or others for elected position in our chapter. BCTA is particularly in need of Member Representatives in a variety of departments. There is training available for this position.

Thank you for the time and commitment you put into making your chapter stronger by participating and sharing information!


New Bargining Information

Have you checked out the bargaining page?

There are updates after each bargaining session to keep you informed.  Click the Bargaining tab at the top of any page and learn more about what the BCTA bargaining team is up to!