BCTA Contract and Salary Schedule

Welcome to the Contract and Salary Schedule page!  There is also  a link to the contract at the top of the Bargaining page.

Check out your salary schedule!

If you have a question about anything that happens during the school day, the answer is probably in the contract.   Our contract also covers our leave, retirement, inservice, non discrimination, health benefits and a host of other items that impact our personal lives.

Have a look at the contract!

1. Agreement.
2. Recognition/Professional Dues, Organizational Security
3. Non-Discrimination
4. Maintenance of Standards
5. Savings
6. Definitions
7. Negotiation Procedures
8. Grievance Procedure
9. Duty Hours, Duty Day, Work Year
10. Inservice/Conference Provisions
11. Evaluation Procedures
12. Transfers
13. Leave of Absence Benefits
A. Illness/Medical Leave
B. Bereavement
C. Jury Duty
D. Personal Necessity
E. Maternity Leave
F. Child Care Leave
G. Leave Without Pay
H. Sabbatical Leave
I. Miscellaneous
14. Safety Conditions of Employment
15. Association Provisions
16. Miscellaneous Provisions
17. Early Retirement Program
18. Salaries and Benefits, Health Program Benefits
19. Peer Assistance and Review (PAR)
20. Shared Contract
21.Distribution of Medi-Cal Administrative Activities Monies (MAA)

Have a look at the contract!

Please contact your BCTA department rep or exec members with questions.

Happy reading!


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