CTA Dues dollars doing good for Butte County students!

The Institute for Teaching (IFT) is an arm of CTA funded by dues dollars that has a mission of supporting the spread of high quality teaching  practices through the state.  Last spring, the Chico RRC facilitated a seminar to help folks apply for the grant.  Applicants participate in a rigorous application process based on a strength based matrix with 7 identified areas of strength required.

There are more than 1,300 CTA chapters and 38 grants were awarded statewide.  Two chapters in California was awarded 3 grants. BCTA received 3 awards!!!  Mharia Ross-Walcott was awarded $20,000, Deanna Alexich  and Rebecca Hubbell were awarded $5,000 each.  These funds are going directly to school sites and students in our area.  The grant proposals are vetted through a blind process on merit alone, these awards speak to the quality of programs offered by our amazing BCTA teachers!

Click through to learn more about the program and consider applying next spring. 

Read up on the projects below:  

 Creating Mindful Souls through Recycled Materials – Butte County TA Educator Grant- $5,000
The Creating Mindful Sounds Project will provide an opportunity for student teams to collaborate and construct percussion instruments with recycled materials. With the guidance of a lead teacher and local artists, Hearthstone School students will engage in hands-on activities and workshops that will integrate science, art, culture and music into the study of sound and its impact on our ability to concentrate, focus and relax. Through the process of construction, creative collaboration, reflection and implementation, students’ self-concept will broaden. Participants will build relationships with each other as team members and promote positive community involvement in the context of the school culture.
Classroom Technology Assistants and Programmers (CTAP) – Butte County TA Educator Grant- $5,000
Middle School girls in grades 6-8 at Four Winds School will learn and apply different technology skills. Thematic projects and activities will be planned using the Problem Based Learning model for each quarter. Quarter #1 will teach how to write and publish eBooks for younger students to use as STEM textbooks and interactive readers on the school iPads. Quarter #2 will focus on coding and web design, where the students will each create a website or game. Quarter #3 students will create and maintain a blog. Quarter #4 will include a robotics class where students will build and program robots for a competition.

Mountain View Garden Project – Butte County TA Chapter Grant- $20,000
The mission of our Sustainable Living and Learning Mountain View Garden Project is to implement a garden design based on permaculture principles at Hearthstone School . Our extended vision is to sustain a garden laboratory that becomes more productive with age. Providing a hands-on nutritional fresh food source for high needs students and their families will engage students in our Special Education and high risk populations to obtain academic and life skills, ecological awareness and an appreciation for the interconnected nature of all things.


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