New Bargaining Information

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There are updates after each bargaining session to keep you informed.  Click the Bargaining tab on any page and learn more about what the BCTA bargaining team is up to!


Election Results

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote and thank you to Nicole Eads for making sure the ballots were received, counted and tallied correctly!

Your 2013-2015 officers / representatives are:

President: Rachel Frank   Vice President/Membership: Joe Crispin   Secretary: Michael Martinez   Treasurer: Cathie Matzinger

Special Ed Rep: Cathie Matzinger   Child Development Rep: Michelle Gates-Stewart   SPS Rep: Joe Crispin   Mini Corps Rep: Lupe Guillen   Migrant Ed Rep: Michael Martinez   Hearthstone/Four Winds Rep: Keith Murufas

Bargaining Surveys In, Ballots Out!

Thank you to everyone who returned their bargaining surveys!  The bargaining team met last week to read and tally responses.  The thought and care that went into your answers is appreciated and helpful.  The next negotiations session will be Wednesday, October 23rd.  Remember to check the Bargaining page after each negotiations session to keep up to date!

Ballots for BCTA elections and membership cards were mailed this week.  This is your union!  Vote!