BCTA Member Testifies About Teacher Rights

Under current law, more than 75 BCTA educators are classified as temporary employees with no possibility of earning due process rights.  We have teachers who have worked in our district dating back to 1977 who are still  classified as temporary employees.  A temporary employee has no assurance of a job the following school year which puts educators in the position year after year, of waiting each spring to hear if they will be employed in the fall.  Students and families depend on seeing the same high quality, caring staff in the fall that supported them the previous year.  This puts undue stress on children, programs and educators.

AB1619, by Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego), is now making it’s way through the legislature to address this inequity.  Most teachers in California can earn due process rights after a probationary period of a few years, most educators who work in each County Office of Education and educators from smaller districts are unfairly excluded.  This bill is supported by CTA and CSEA in an effort to provide equal rights to all educators and stability to our schools and students.

Michael Martinez, from our Migrant Education program (also a negotiator for BCTA and our Secretary) went to Sacramento on March 26th to testify for the State Assembly Education Committee on our behalf.  Michael told a compelling, and familiar story .  Please take a moment and watch here the portion of the hearing about the bill begins at 2 hours 26 minutes and Michael begins at 2 hours 31 minutes.  There is a short article on the CTA website about this bill with a bonus photo of Michael!  BCTA would like to extend our gratitude to Michael for taking the time to share his experience with the folks at the capitol who need to hear our story!